Return to Kalamar Campaign

Howdy all,

I have decided that I am going to do sort of a reset. Yes, it is still centered around the PDQ caravan, but this time it is actually stationed in the great city of Bet Rogala which is the capital city of Pekal.  If you remember, Pekal is probably the biggest concentration of magic in the known world of Tellene and for this reason it is still its own country and has not been taken over even though Kalamar have tried in many occasions.

It is at this moment a small caravan company which currently has a reputation of getting products to any destination without any questions asked. It it currently operated by the Hobgoblin Cleric Guy and the Human Monk Asuk.  Sometimes, you might see Rolg, the human rogue, there and also every once in while you might catch Alathain the Half-Elf Barbarian/Sorcerer. Even though most of the time, he is tracking down his love Lorana, who always seems to need his help. She is also a barbarian.