WatersEdge [Stanley Update #1]

NOTE: If memory serves me, that your base was in urban community district close to downtown but not technically in down town.  You do not have access to the map in evernote so if you need to check.


Like most cities, people have started to leave the downtown and head to the suburbs. One of the biggest malls of all WatersEdge is downtown in the Urban Community District which is Lakeview Mall. All stores that you would need to find at a mall can be here.  The top of the mall is also a hotel and they have an excellent and respected food court.

Russians Information

For the best part of the first week you do not hear anything about the Russians. Towards the end of the week, you hear a story that cops have a found a grissly murder in one of the local graveyards. The only reason they found about it that a local homeless man was trying to find a place for the night and stumbled upon the scene.


During your Tuesday night patrol of checking upon Jessie, you do see an interesting exchange between Jessie and some individual in a high dollar sedan.  Your able to get in close and looks like they are talking about the Delilah incident and trying to figure out if he is to blame or not.  He gets on his knees and begs for his life and you see a person in the sedan raises its finger and you see Jessie scream in horrifying pain. Your evil meter at this time is going ape shit but you decide the keep your cool due to the hired muscle you see surrounding the vehicle.  One thing to note, something that was not natural was blocking your vision of the person in the car even though you were that close.

At this time the sedan leaves and you decide to investigate Jessie because he is still squirming around on the ground in agony. When you get close, he tells you to leave him alone because he is enough trouble already without you. That’s when you notice that he has a burn mark on his neck the size of a tattoo.

Black Rose Information

During this time, you do hear people talk about an exclusive nightclub close to the Park Avenue Terrace strip and the I54 AND SH48 exchange.  You ask for this club name which they tell you it’s the le lion endormi.

You decide the check it out and at the edge of red light district here in WatersEdge sits the le lion endormi which translates to English as “The Sleeping Lion”. The first thing you notice because it sticks out is how many nice cars that in your past life you would love to take for a test drive. You also notice all the muscle in the area for both the clients and people outside the club.

You notice that this club is huge and also very private because you do see couple of times of normal people trying to get into the club and are asked for something and they are turned away.

You do notice that on the east side of the place is fenced off area you think mostly for the employees of the club and loading docks for the food the club uses. This area does have a security checkpoint.


When you reply for Stanley, just put a comment here with all of your information and then send me a email letting me know that you have done that.  Also, could you help me with just a small blurb what you envision the (red-light district)Park Avenue Terrace would look like?

3 thoughts on “WatersEdge [Stanley Update #1]”

  1. About HQ:
    Headquarters is the base of my patrol. If it’s not technically downtown, then I’ll direct my patrols toward downtown.

    About the Russians:
    I definitely check out the murder. I want to scope out the scene, but I’m no investigator–my main goal is going to be to find someone willing to talk about it. I’m also hoping to find an informant inside the PD, so I’m going to jump at any chance to cultivate a relationship with such a person.
    I’ll start at the scene and hope to catch a groundskeeper or someone in the area and nosy enough to know something about the investigation. After that, I’ll probably hang out at a cop bar and see if there’s anybody talking about it.

    About Jessie:
    I’ll give Jessie some space, but I’m gonna keep watching him from a distance. Rooftops and binoculars and all that.

    About the Lion Endormi:
    I’m gonna watch the club for a few nights before I make any moves. I’ll pay special attention to the delivery entrance–I want to see their delivery procedures, who’s in charge of receiving and who they take deliveries from.
    I’ll also be concentrating my patrols a few blocks out from the club. If anyone from the club gets mugged or looked at wrong, I want to be there to help them out. I may be able to get information from them about the club. I still need to find out what the entrance requirements are.

  2. Park Avenue Terrace
    If the red-light district you’re looking for involves seedy dives and neon strip joints, this is not the street for you. If, on the other hand, your tastes wax designer and urbane, you’ve found your drug of choice.
    Chic. Elegant. Avant-garde. The patrons of this district represent the most elite echelons of society, and the power they wield is equally elite. Their vices may be refined or repulsive, but they’re all available behind the discrete veneer of Park Avenue Terrace.
    The cornerstone of the avenue is Le Lion Endormi, an exalted, members-only nightclub where anything is possible and everything can be had for a price. The experience is celestial, but it’s by invitation only. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t bother asking.
    If you have money to burn but lack the exclusive connections required for an invitation to the Lion, there are plenty of other options open to you. Almost as opulent is the Green Waters club, a high-society nightclub with three bars, eight dance floors, and nearly a hundred private rooms available for a more intimate venue. There’s no shortage of availability in this club: gambling, drugs, escorts. If you want to pay for a vice, you can indulge it here.
    Several other clubs on the street cater more to the general public. Flit promises an ethereal atmosphere with pounding beats, while the Diamond Devil provides a more eclectic mix of tunes to please a wider range of patrons. Vogue and Ice, on the east block, has a retro-pop feel that tends to be popular with the ladies, and Uptown Gardens is a jazz lounge that promises a smooth ambiance perfect for relaxing and soaking up some groove.
    But Park Avenue Terrace is not just a hopping night spot: these clubs are the highlights of a thriving thoroughfare, and they’re punctuated in between by all kinds of news stands, cell phone shops, speciality stores, and diners; in fact, the street is like a mecca of commerce. There are only two rules to observe in this district: Shop to your heart’s delight, and never cross the landlords.

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