Graveyard Investigation

Once you ask around where this particular graveyard is located, they tell you that it is towards the eastern edge of downtown proper. Once you find the name and location, you hail for a cab to take you it. The graveyard is located on the east edge close to I-254 which is also known as the downtown loop close to a Exxon Gas Station and Nichols Auto Sales, a small locally own car lot that sells used cars.
When your almost there, the cab drivers asks you “So are you here about the murders that poor Johnny stumbled across?” You give them one of those questioned looks which the cab driver “Hey, this area has been busy lately with cops interviewing people in the area. Just asking since lately this area has been busier than normal.” He drops you off at the Exxon but after you pay but before you open the door, “You seem like a good person. You might look for Johnny about what he found. He is a good man and he does not cause any trouble.”
[He dropped you off at the Exxon instead of the graveyard because the gates were closed]
You walk over to the graveyard entrance and noticed that right now the gates are closed but in the distance you do see a truck which looks like the grounds keeper. As you are trying to decide if you’re going to sneak thru the gate, you see the grounds keeper truck coming up look like he is leaving to go somewhere. He sees you and he looks like a middle age man with Bruce Reemer on his name badge.
He looks in your direction as he is unlocking the gate to leave and asks “Can I help you?”

[Need some questions that you would ask him]
1. Need two conservation skill checks
2. Need two perception tests
[What would you like to do from this point?]