Update #1 : Graveyard Investigation

He looks in your direction as he is unlocking the gate to leave and asks “Can I help you?” which Stanley replies, “Hello, Mr. Reemer. My name is Stanley. I’m a freelance journalist investigating the body that was found here. If you have a few minutes, I’d like to ask you a couple of questions. For the story I’m writing.”

Bruce Reemer looks at you and raises his eyebrows when you mention that you are an independent journalist. I see that you like everyone must be hear about the incident that happen here the other night with poor Johnny.  All I can says is that it happened in one of the small tombs(sp?) over in the northwest corner of the graveyard. You can look if you want to even though there still is police tape all over the place.

When you ask for a description, he goes pale almost like your skin and he looks at you saying “The most gruesome thing I have personally seen. It looks like some almost ripped the person in two and then started to eat what was left”

At this moment you can tell that Bruce look like he is about to become sick. He then says to you, “If you want more information, you can find Johnny underneath the overpass over there.”

You stop him right before he leaves and ask him which of the police is in charge of the crime scene.  He then stops to think and then says “Oh. Her name is Detective Joanne Hartley. Do you want her number in case you find something they missed?”

He then gives you her number and then says “Well, I need to be going now. I am still locking this place up but since it looks like you are on foot, I will let you in. Its over in the northwest side of the cemetery. You cannot miss it.”