Graveyard Investigation(continued)

[Note : the mausoleum I am referencing are like the ones you see in the Buffy TV series]

The graveyard is on a medium size property with the only two buildings are a mausoleum on the northwest corner of the property while on northeast sits another mausoleum. You can tell as you walk thru the graveyard that Bruce actually keeps the graveyard maintained quite nicely. As you get closer to the northwest mausoleum, your evil sense starts to tingle and as you get to actual building, the sense is pronounced. Now you know that there is nobody left because you know Bruce would have removed them when he left for the evening but still you get that feeling like something is here.

You also start noticing the police tape everywhere so you take your time making sure that it looks like it has not been tampered with but you do finally get the door open. Once you open, that’s where the stench of death hits you like a freight train and you see blood stains everywhere. Right next to wear the casket is stored, you see the ghostly image of young man probably in his 30’s who sees you and says “help me”.  You can tell that this is not where the evil comes from you but most likely the ghost of the person that was murdered here. As you continue to watch him from afar, he says again “help me. Find him and avenge me!” After he says the last word, he finally fades away into nothing.

You can tell from the looks that this is probably the lowest level of demon just because most demons do not want to be found so they are careful in what they choose to go after for food. Now mind you, not every demon is evil because you have ran across a couple that you actually did not slay, this one was not even close to be careful. Most likely he possessed the man enough to get a physical latch onto our plane and then as he took control of him more, he was able to pull his physical body to this plane. Once here, it knew it had to feed so he had the perfect host.

After a couple of minutes in here, you had to leave just due to the stench having even you scrambling for good clean air. Your next destination is the underpass of the highway to your east. As your start to walk that way, you notice over at the Exxon at a car that has just pulled up. It looks like an older car with two men who are looking around maybe look like they are casing the convenience store.