The Meeting

Stanley finds a quiet roof out of the area away from the murder scene so that he can try to put that out of his mind for the moment. You do notice that it is a beautiful fall night here in Southeastern Missouri. You noticed that the temperature is getting reasonable for this time of year.

You find a corner where you can have your privacy especially with anyone flying above you. As you sit there and start to meditate some time passes but you open your eyes and it looks like a nice morning. As soon as you stand up to look around, you then realize that you are not in Kansas anymore, because as you look around you think you’re in early forties just by looking at the surrounding.

About that time, you hear a voice of a man behind you say “Hello, Stanley, I guess it is about time that we finally met. My name is Victor. I bet you have some questions, do not you?” And has a sly grin on his face.

4 thoughts on “The Meeting”

  1. “Is it not obvious that this is my home?”

    He is 5’11” 220LB. His hair neatly trimmed blonde hair with grey tips. His clothes look like you could place them in the late 40’s. Since it is the late 40’s, Victor is still alive after the war. He is still toned and look like would be in some type of military service.

    As you look around, you noticed that it looks like they have setup the roof for a family event. There is a table with food (bbq) and you see his wife and looks like their young daughter. The daughter sees you and says to Victor, “Daddy, Is he one of your friends?” and his wife says “Vic, are you not going to invite your friend to join us?”

    He then motions you to join them for some food. You do notice that you are not in your hero outfit but you seem to be in normal attire.

  2. Sure. I’ll play along.
    “I’m Stanley, ma’am. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
    To the daughter: “And you, too, miss.” I give her my most dashing stage bow.
    I’ll join the party.

  3. Once you all have a very satisfying dinner, Victor talks to his wife quietly. She then says “Good Meeting you. Come one Shelly. Your dad and his friend need to have a private conversation.” Shelly says, “Ohh kay. Are you coming downstairs, daddy?” which Victor replies “Yes, here in a little while. Do not worry I will be seeing you soon.”
    Once his wife and daughter are down the stairs and with the door close, he looks over to you and smiles saying “Good. Dinner is over and I am stuffed. I bet you are wondering what is going on.”
    The person you are looking for is my one time best friend Rupert Jones. He is the man who you met at the end of the flashback sequence I sent you and your friends through. He is the one that was a defector to the Nazi ways because he wanted power. They ‘helped’ him by turning him into a half human/half-demon. He was already sick before because I kept coming across unexplained murders everywhere I and he went. Once the final transformation happened, he was beyond home and must be destroyed.
    Because of him, I have devoted my whole life to make sure there kinds are destroyed. I found a group of demon hunters that I allied myself with to help me fight him and others like him. They are the ones that helped me continue my fight by attaching myself to you
    He look at his watch and grins sarcastically “Well, look at the time gone, I will let you go now that I have answered ‘some’ of your questions. We will meet again.”
    The next thing you know is that it is about early in the morning and it feels like you have had a good nap but you also are full of BBQ but how could that be..

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