Spirits at the School

Actually, I do not remembering if I mentioned it or not neither did I write it down. She said that they have heard stories of people who are being attacked by some strange entity and would like you check it out for them. They said that you should start by going to the campus student hall.

Once you arrive at the student hall and walk through the front door, you notice that this area is quiet this time of night and surprisingly empty. In one corner, you notice that you see a couple of pictures of students and there is bunch of flowers like they have passed away. As you walk up to inspect it more, you feel very saddened because this is what the hunters guild as talked about. The two pictures u see there are one of a girl and a boy who were murdered by this spirit that the guild told you to investigate.

As you were about to leave, you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. As you turn around to see why what caused your hairs do such a think, over by one of the mailboxes, you noticed a female girl in her early twenties looks like she is trying to get into a mailbox that is locked. The reason why the hairs are standing up is that she is completely transparent.