Character Creation

I am using the Standard Powered Super Heroes as follows:

  • Points Total         400
  • Complication       075
  • Base Points        325

I am using the bio sheet from the Champions Big Blue Book — download Character Bio Sheet — Once this has been filled out and approved by me then I will give you 20 additional character points which you can then use on your characters. Please note that these 20xp apply to same rules as your starting character points.

Also, I want to emphasize that the guidelines are the min/max I want characters to start. Once we move past the initial session and start awarding experience points then this table will no longer be relevant.


Character Ability Guidelines Table

CHAR Speed Combat Values Damage Classes Active Points Skill Points Skill Roll Def rDef
MIN 10 3 7 6 25 11 20 12
MAX 40 10 13 14 70 80 15 25 18


Everyone who is from this era have the following everyman skills. Note, these are all at 8-

* Acting

* Climbing

* Concealment

* Conversation

* Deduction

* Paramedics

* Persuasion

* Shadowing

* Stealth

* Transport Familiarity

* KS:Computers

Talents which are not allowed

  • Weaponmaster
  • Universal Translator
  • Deadly Blow

Powers not allowed

  • Extra-Dimensional Movement
  • FTL Travel
  • Damage Negation
Damage Negations is on the powers not allowed because I believe how powerful it can be for only costing 5 points per DC. On the flip side, reduced negation only costing 2 points per DC that you negate seems pretty cheap.