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Spirits at the School

Actually, I do not remembering if I mentioned it or not neither did I write it down. She said that they have heard stories of people who are being attacked by some strange entity and would like you check it out for them. They said that you should start by going to the campus student hall.

Once you arrive at the student hall and walk through the front door, you notice that this area is quiet this time of night and surprisingly empty. In one corner, you notice that you see a couple of pictures of students and there is bunch of flowers like they have passed away. As you walk up to inspect it more, you feel very saddened because this is what the hunters guild as talked about. The two pictures u see there are one of a girl and a boy who were murdered by this spirit that the guild told you to investigate.

As you were about to leave, you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. As you turn around to see why what caused your hairs do such a think, over by one of the mailboxes, you noticed a female girl in her early twenties looks like she is trying to get into a mailbox that is locked. The reason why the hairs are standing up is that she is completely transparent.

Graveyard Investigation(continued)

[Note : the mausoleum I am referencing are like the ones you see in the Buffy TV series]

The graveyard is on a medium size property with the only two buildings are a mausoleum on the northwest corner of the property while on northeast sits another mausoleum. You can tell as you walk thru the graveyard that Bruce actually keeps the graveyard maintained quite nicely. As you get closer to the northwest mausoleum, your evil sense starts to tingle and as you get to actual building, the sense is pronounced. Now you know that there is nobody left because you know Bruce would have removed them when he left for the evening but still you get that feeling like something is here.

You also start noticing the police tape everywhere so you take your time making sure that it looks like it has not been tampered with but you do finally get the door open. Once you open, that’s where the stench of death hits you like a freight train and you see blood stains everywhere. Right next to wear the casket is stored, you see the ghostly image of young man probably in his 30’s who sees you and says “help me”.  You can tell that this is not where the evil comes from you but most likely the ghost of the person that was murdered here. As you continue to watch him from afar, he says again “help me. Find him and avenge me!” After he says the last word, he finally fades away into nothing.

You can tell from the looks that this is probably the lowest level of demon just because most demons do not want to be found so they are careful in what they choose to go after for food. Now mind you, not every demon is evil because you have ran across a couple that you actually did not slay, this one was not even close to be careful. Most likely he possessed the man enough to get a physical latch onto our plane and then as he took control of him more, he was able to pull his physical body to this plane. Once here, it knew it had to feed so he had the perfect host.

After a couple of minutes in here, you had to leave just due to the stench having even you scrambling for good clean air. Your next destination is the underpass of the highway to your east. As your start to walk that way, you notice over at the Exxon at a car that has just pulled up. It looks like an older car with two men who are looking around maybe look like they are casing the convenience store.



Update #1 : Graveyard Investigation

He looks in your direction as he is unlocking the gate to leave and asks “Can I help you?” which Stanley replies, “Hello, Mr. Reemer. My name is Stanley. I’m a freelance journalist investigating the body that was found here. If you have a few minutes, I’d like to ask you a couple of questions. For the story I’m writing.”

Bruce Reemer looks at you and raises his eyebrows when you mention that you are an independent journalist. I see that you like everyone must be hear about the incident that happen here the other night with poor Johnny.  All I can says is that it happened in one of the small tombs(sp?) over in the northwest corner of the graveyard. You can look if you want to even though there still is police tape all over the place.

When you ask for a description, he goes pale almost like your skin and he looks at you saying “The most gruesome thing I have personally seen. It looks like some almost ripped the person in two and then started to eat what was left”

At this moment you can tell that Bruce look like he is about to become sick. He then says to you, “If you want more information, you can find Johnny underneath the overpass over there.”

You stop him right before he leaves and ask him which of the police is in charge of the crime scene.  He then stops to think and then says “Oh. Her name is Detective Joanne Hartley. Do you want her number in case you find something they missed?”

He then gives you her number and then says “Well, I need to be going now. I am still locking this place up but since it looks like you are on foot, I will let you in. Its over in the northwest side of the cemetery. You cannot miss it.”

Graveyard Investigation

Once you ask around where this particular graveyard is located, they tell you that it is towards the eastern edge of downtown proper. Once you find the name and location, you hail for a cab to take you it. The graveyard is located on the east edge close to I-254 which is also known as the downtown loop close to a Exxon Gas Station and Nichols Auto Sales, a small locally own car lot that sells used cars.
When your almost there, the cab drivers asks you “So are you here about the murders that poor Johnny stumbled across?” You give them one of those questioned looks which the cab driver “Hey, this area has been busy lately with cops interviewing people in the area. Just asking since lately this area has been busier than normal.” He drops you off at the Exxon but after you pay but before you open the door, “You seem like a good person. You might look for Johnny about what he found. He is a good man and he does not cause any trouble.”
[He dropped you off at the Exxon instead of the graveyard because the gates were closed]
You walk over to the graveyard entrance and noticed that right now the gates are closed but in the distance you do see a truck which looks like the grounds keeper. As you are trying to decide if you’re going to sneak thru the gate, you see the grounds keeper truck coming up look like he is leaving to go somewhere. He sees you and he looks like a middle age man with Bruce Reemer on his name badge.
He looks in your direction as he is unlocking the gate to leave and asks “Can I help you?”

[Need some questions that you would ask him]
1. Need two conservation skill checks
2. Need two perception tests
[What would you like to do from this point?]